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Mike Adam

High School Math

Ext. 101

Deana Anderson

1st Grade

Ext. 208

Celeste Bancroft

Special Education Para

Rebekah Barrick

Special Education Para

Kenzie Bjorkman

4th Grade

Ext. 214

Cheryl Bose

Kitchen Staff

Marianne Colburn

Middle School ELA

Ext. 102

Vince Czahor

Librarian, IT

Ext. 302

Brenda Dal Santo

Elementary P.E.

Ext. 207

Barbara Dykstra

Spec. Education Para

Sara Eloranta

6-12 Science

Ext. 107

Anthony Erno

Buildings and Grounds/AD

Ext. 212

Jenna Erno

Special Education

Ext. 210

Kimberly Hanson

Music Teacher

Ext. 306

Darlene Hartwell

Food Services

Ext. 301

Mallory Hilkert

5th Grade

Ext. 216

Remi Jones


Ext. 206

Stacy Kaiser

Spec. Education Para

Kristin LaValley

Business Education

Ext. 106

JoAnn Lyman

Spec. Ed

Ext. 110

Erin Martin

Special Education

Ext. 217

Kristine McClellen

Spec. Education Para

Chris McLain

Social Studies

Ext. 105

Will Niven


Ext. 112

Geana Papp

High School English

Ext. 104

Barbara Payette

3rd Grade

Ext. 207

Brenda Raught

Spec. Ed

Ext. 114

Alycia Rowe

Social Worker

Ext. 305

Maureen Schiefelbein

Reading Specialist

Ext. 218

Sara Seidel

Middle School Math

Ext. 103

Steve Sigmund

HS P.E./Health

Ext. 308

Brenda Smeaton


Ext. 304

Hannah Sponholz

2nd Grade

Ext. 211

Eric Swanson

Social Worker

Ext. 305

Dale Vajko

Science and French

Ext. 109

Chryss Veirauch


Ext. 300

Kristin Volling


Ext. 204

Diane White


Ext. 203