Summer School

Summer School is June 12-June 30 from 8:30am-11:30am

Science, Art, Play, Makerspaces, Legos, Minecraft, 3D Printing and Board Games

GRADE LEVELS: 5K-6 (2022-23 school year)

INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Sarah Eloranta, Mr. Vince Czahor and Mrs. Hannah Sponholz

Students will be split into two groups and spend half of the class with each teacher (Mr. Czahor and Mrs. Sponholz will be split) They will have fun learning, playing and exploring science concepts. Each day they will be junior scientists and will engage in hands-on science learning. Activities include volcano making, space exploration and rockets, bouncing eggs, cooking chemistry and so much more. Students will also take science concepts and make them into art projects and models including rock art, flower press, sun paper, etc.  Students will be both indoors and outdoors.

Students will get hands-on experience with art and science! (June 12-21)  

Students will learn about the world around them while creating, building, and experimenting. Activities for art may include clay, paint, and nature. Science experiments may dive into states of matter, germs, five senses, or shadows. Some activities may get messy or take place outdoors, so dress accordingly. Students will also experience hands-on games and outdoor activities such as 4-square, sidewalk chalk, and bean bag toss.

Makerspaces, Minecraft, 3D Printing, and Board Gaming (June 22-30) 

Students will be making worlds in Minecraft Education Edition, using other library makerspaces, including Sphero robots for coding, and working on critical thinking and collaboration in board gaming. If available in the fab lab, older elementary students will be able to 3D print their own small creations using TinkerCad and the school's 3D printer.