Career Exploration/Tech Ed

B-D-P School District places emphasis on Business Education, Tech Education, and Academic and Career Planning. The students are offered multiple courses to help expand their knowledge of the Business and Tech world, in hopes that they will learn about all of the possible opportunities in these industries after they graduate from Pembine High School.

Course offered:

  • Business Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Web Design
  • Personal Finance
  • Into to Computers
  • Informational Processing
  • Business Education
  • Small Engines/Welding
  • 7th/8th Grade Shop Class
  • CAD
  • Woods I, II, III

Career Presentations

Professionals from the community are frequently invited in to the classrooms to present to the students about their careers. This has been a great way to introduce students to different industries in the area and give them a realistic view of what a life in that particular career would entail.

Beau Anderson, Owner of Orion Hunting Products, LLC