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The Beecher Dunbar Pembine School District is excited to announce a new program available to all 4k-5th grade students called Panther PAC's and sponsored the Pembine Area Christians Group (PAC).  On Friday's or the last day before any scheduled vacations, 4k-5th grade students who choose to participate are sent home with a Panther PAC filled with non-perishable snacks for them to eat over the weekend. These special PAC's are made available because of the many volunteers in the community who have helped fund, purchase, and assemble them weekly.  A group of 8th grade students deliver them to the classrooms. The group continues to write grants, solicit funding and donations  to sustain this program for the future so if you are interested in donating or helping please contact the lead organizer Paula Marcy at
Photo of individuals involved in assembling the first set of Panther Snack PACs:
Left to right Front row Susie Schmidt ,Heather Berger, , Laura Strietzel, Wyatt Marcy . Back row left to right Melissa Hirte, Diane White, , Debbie Griffin,  Paula Marcy, , and Sue Johnson. Additional individuals involved with spreading the word of the program and procuring donations are not pictured: Sarah Mair, Emily LaFleur, Erin Zerbst, Maureen Schiefelbein, and Marlene Mottes